What should you do during a Dental Emergency?

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Dental emergency? It could be really daunting. Read our guide to handle dental emergencies and save your tooth from further trauma.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Most of us are never prepared for such events. What should one do in such a situation? Where should one go?

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is an injury to the teeth or mouth which requires immediate attention. The following usually demand immediate check-ups by your dentist. Mississauga residents can visit the Woodland Dental Centre for reliable dental care.

  • Broken, fractured or chipped teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Toothache or abscess
  • Lost or broken crown or filling

What should you do during a dental emergency?

The first thing to remember in any emergency situation is to remain calm. The damage has already been done and the only thing left is recovery. Taking calculated measures to avoid further harm can help you save your teeth and be more productive.

Assessing the situation can help you understand what needs to be done. Emergency care is required for such situations. You need to contact an emergency dentist. Mississauga residents can contact the Woodland Dental Centre for quick and trustworthy dental care.

Call (905) 270-5666 for immediate emergency dental care by dentist, Mississauga.

How to prepare for dental emergencies:

 Yes, dental emergencies are unforeseen but they can still be prepared for. A few simple preventive measures in place could ensure that you and your teeth are safe from any harm at all times.

Choosing a dentist, Mississauga citizens, who provide emergency dental care could save you from the hassle of searching and trying various numbers in vain while your the damage escalates. This one step could save you from having to lose your teeth completely and endure limitless pain.

Keeping basic first aid materials and seeking help are the primary preventive measures for any dental emergency. Having a plan in place not only keeps your teeth secure but also gives the affected a sense of purpose and keeps them level headed thereby ensuring that they are able to give themselves the right care.

Prevent yourself from dental loss with emergency dental care by dentist Mississauga woodland dental centre.


Worried about getting braces? Get Invisalign Braces!

Invisalign Braces Mississauga

Worried about getting braces? Does having a metal cage on your teeth scare you? We have a solution: Invisalign. Find out why Mississauga dentists recommend it.

Many of us avoid having the perfect smile because we have to wear corrective braces to get them. These metal contraptions have been the reason for the loss of confidence among many patients say dentists located in Mississauga. But avoiding these braces could result in lessened functionality and other problems as well.

Invisalign braces bring a new twist to the “braces conundrum”. Invisible aligners are slowly becoming more and more popular. The concept of Invisalign is the use of a set of aligners over a period of time which are adjusted to the shape of the teeth periodically for better and quicker results. The biggest benefit of Invisalign according to dentists is that the users are more confident and are happy to keep the aligners on.

Mississauga residents, keep your confident smile with Woodland Dental Centre Dentist’s Invisalign treatment.

What should you expect from Invisalign treatments?

Invisalign treatment involves the following steps:

  • Getting a structural and digital image of your teeth
  • Creating a chart of how your teeth will change over time.
  • Making custom aligner sets
  • Fixing them with easily removable fasteners
  • Aligned, beautiful and perfect teeth.

At the Woodlands Dental Centre, Mississauga, dentists begin the Invisalign treatment with the process of getting a clear and detailed idea of what your teeth look like. These dentists use photography and moulds to have a perfect base to start your Invisalign treatments.

After the imaging is done, they use the Invisalign software to map and predict how your teeth will change over time with the use of aligners. This helps them make you a full set of aligners for an estimated duration. Some Mississauga dental patients have had to use these for over a year and some for more. It really depends on how your teeth adjust and your usage.

After the predictions, the aligners are prepared and are ready to be used. These are given to the patient in a complete set. The patient is required to change the aligners at specific time intervals which is usually two weeks.

Invisaligners are usually fastened to keep them in place and ensure that your teeth are being aligned without any loose bolts. They are easy to open since aligners have to be removed while brushing and eating. This helps the user keep them clean and invisible and have a great and confident smile always.

The proper use of aligners combined with regular visits and constant care can prove beneficial to you. A beautiful, perfect and fully functional smile waits at the end of this treatment.

Enjoy an aligned smile with Invisalign treatments from dentists at Woodlands Dental Centre, Mississauga.


5 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry that Can Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

All smiles are beautiful on their own. But all choices do not coincide well with their own possessions. All procedures performed to improve your dental looks rather than its functioning is termed as cosmetic dentistry.

In Brampton, cosmetic or sometimes even mentioned as aesthetic dentistry, have been increasing its popularity with the increasing demand of a picture perfect smile.


Get Rid Of Your Teeth Stain and Brighten Your Smile at Woodland Dental Centre, Brampton Right Away!

Teeth Whitening

While there was an increase in the demand of the Teeth whitening in Brampton, also many alternative options emerged to give one whiter and brighter teeth. A few products have also been proven harmful to the health of the patient, it is important to have your teeth bleached with quality products an expert supervision rather than to regret using the wrong product, or not rinsing well leaving a bleaching particle in your mouth or swallowing such particles.

Dental Bonding

While most cosmetic dentistry procedures are for a visual alteration, there are a few procedures which also help improve the patient’s byte and grip.Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures opted in Brampton in the past years. Dental Bonding is used when the gaps are too big to be filled with fillings, but also too small to be replaced by an entire crown.

Dental Bridging

In case you are missing more than one of your teeth and find it hard to hold, byte or even to smile, Dental Bridging is the right step for you. Bridging uses two or more implants, holding on which a bridge of prosthetic teeth are placed to give you a strong support and an intact smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are simple thin lamination to be attached over your teeth to feel, look and function like your own natural teeth. A thin layer of your enamel is shaved off which is then replaced by a veneer. You can laminate all your teeth with dental veneers and secure a beautiful flawless smile for a significant period.


Alignment has been seen one of the most essential features while appreciating dental beauty. Braces and bands have been used since many centuries to alter the dental alignment right from one’s childhood. Invisalign now has become an alternative to regular metal braces, by giving the benefit of an invisible transparent cover over the teeth. The process is equally efficient and gives you similar results that as to metal braces.

What to do in dental emergencies? – A dental emergency guide

Emergency Dentist Mississauga

Dental Emergency

If you have ever had a dental emergency then you know how frightening and painful it can be. People are
often unsure about what constitutes a dental emergency, who they should call, and what they can do at
home when they experience a dental emergency.

The dental emergency guide from Woodland Dental Centre helps you to handle a dental emergency in Mississauga. Some dental emergencies are considered to treat immediately within 30 minutes to prevent tooth loss.

Dental emergencies that need immediate dentistry :

  • Mouth / Dental injury caused by accident
  • Bleeding that will not stop
  • A loose or knocked out a permanent tooth
  • Injured jaw
  • Painful swelling
  • Painful toothache

If the problem causing your tooth pain is pulp tissue damage, your emergency dentist may send you to an endodontist who specializes in pulp-related problems. Your endodontist will perform a root canal that cleans out the damaged pulp, fills and seals the remaining space.

Urgent dental emergencies should be dealt with immediately. Call the emergency dentists at Woodlands
Dental Centre in Mississauga immediately if you experience any of the above problems. If you can’t able to reach your dentist, look for hospital emergency room care for First Aid.

Dental emergencies which are non-imperative:

  • Lost filling, crown, or bridge
  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Broken or damaged retainer or night guard
  • Food lodged between teeth
  • Mild toothache

If you experience a non-imperative dental emergency, it is still recommended to visit the dental office within a day, which will make a lesser impact on treatments.

Read More about Dental Emergency Tips  

For Immediate Dental Emergency

Many of the Dental emergency can be avoided by visiting your dentist regularly. You do not need any prior appointment or a reference, at Woodland Dental, just a walk-in would do.

At Woodlands Dental Centre in Mississauga, our experienced emergency dentists provide dental services
for the whole family. When it comes to a dental emergency in Mississauga, look no further than our
dental emergency guide for help.

All you need to know on dental implants

Do you feel shy to smile in public? Is it highly painful for you to have a bite of that delicious chicken? Worry Not! Dental Implants are here to bring back your smile and bite! Dental Implants are artificial root of tooth that is placed on the missing tooth area to hold a bridge or replacement tooth. It enhances aesthetic value, speech and chewing ability of a person with missing tooth. But make sure you have your implants done from the best dentist in Mississauga.

Dental Implants have its own share of advantages. Because they infuse with gum completely, they offer more stability and support to your eating ability. They do not shift inside mouth giving more support to speech and eating. The secured fitting of dental implants helps dentures and bridges feel more natural than conventional bridges and dentures.

However not everybody is a candidate for dental implant. Only if you have healthy gum and that if you promise to take proper care of your implants through proper hygiene – you are most eligible for an implant. Proper oral hygiene and regular dentist visits are critical to the long term success of implants. Also people with chronic ailments like diabetes, cardiac diseases and those who take radiations for cancer should be evaluated individually for the eligibility of such treatments.

The success rate for such treatments seem to vary depending on the quality of the jaw and the age of the person, however, dental implants have gone to record 98% success rate till date.

Local anesthesia is used during surgery and hence, people have no realization on the surgery being taken off. People undergone dental implants reported to have minor discomfort which healed away fast. After the surgery, mild soreness can happen which can be treated away easily with medicines like Motrin and Tylenol.

With regular twice a day brushing, flossing and rinsing tooth with mouthwash, you can expect to have your implants going strong and healthy for long.

Welcome to woodlands Dental Centre – the place to the most passionate and experienced dentist in Mississauga. The clinic has put a smile on many faces with successful dental implants and other dental treatments. The dentists here do not only treat patients but educate them on various dental issues and ways to take care too!

Should to need a dental implant for you or anyone in your family in Mississauga then visit http://www.woodlandsdentalcentre.com/ to take appointment right away.

Dental Emergency Mississauga Tips

What to do when Dental Emergency Occur?

Accidents are unforeseen, yet, tracking oneself back to normal after accidents is the best of wits. Like any other body part, our tooth also suffers accidents and that calls for a dental emergency. We at Woodlands Dental Centre form a group of the emergency dentist in Mississauga. And we are dedicated to taking proper care of yours when the time is very critical. Our special team is only dedicated to taking up cases related to dental emergencies only that can happen at any odd time on any particular day! From weekends to holidays, our emergency dental care is open 24/7.

However, at the time of dental emergency, before you can visit a doctor, follow these steps at home:

  • If you suffer a knocked out teeth, keep the teeth moist. Place in between your gum and teeth or place in a bowl of cold milk. Do not touch the root of teeth for any reason. Rush to the doctor thereafter.
  • If there is a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with the warm area and clean the surface. Apply cold compress in your face to prevent swelling.
  • If you have bitten lip and tongue, clean your mouth with cold water first and apply cold compress on your face.
  • If there is a severe toothache, rinse the mouth with warm water and clean it out. Use dental floss to clean your teeth from any substances caught between two teeth and finally wash with water again. Do not apply aspirin over your teeth by any reason.
  • For objects lodged between two teeth, remove them by flossing and not by using any sharp objects.

Dentists say a knocked out tooth can be placed back to its normal position if treated within 4-5 hours of the accident. So, make it sure, whenever there is a dental emergency, take aids first at home and then rush to your dentist the earliest time possible.

Remember toothache is not a dental emergency unless it starts bleeding. Here are a few ways by which you can avoid a dental emergency.

  • Use mouth guards when participating in sports
  • Abstain from chewing ice, hard candies, popcorn kernels etc
  • Never use your tooth to cut things.

At Woodlands Dental Centre offers extra care and precision while offering emergency dental care treatment. Emergency Dentist in Mississauga – Woodland Dental Centre is always at your service. Do not peek at the clock, just rush to our clinic at the time of dental emergency.

Emergency Dentist in Mississauga

Are you in dental pain? Do You Need An Emergency Dentist In Mississauga, ON? We are your Emergency Dentist here in Mississauga. Contact us 905-270-5666 now! Dental Emergencies are painful conditions arising out of broken or cracked teeth due to accident or injury. Patients with dental emergencies are treated immediately at time of the day or night.

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Is Laser Gum Treatment Right for Me?

Find out how your Mississauga, ON dentist can improve the look and health of your gums.

When it comes to caring for our smiles our primary focus is usually on our teeth, but our gums also play an important role in how healthy our overall smile is. If you are dealing with gum disease or even aesthetic gum issues then you may be self-conscious about your smile and searching for the proper treatment. Find out how Dr. Bindu Chemmanam can fix your gum issues with laser treatment.

Fight Gum Disease

If you have a severe form of gum disease that hasn’t responded to root scaling and planing then your Mississauga, ON dentist has probably talked to you about laser gum treatment. Our Diode Lasers target diseased gum tissue to clean out and sterilize gum pockets. As the gums start to pull away from the teeth, pockets of infection begin to form. These pockets contain bacteria that may not respond to other treatments, but they can be effectively killed and disinfected using laser technology.

Our Diode Laser also offers a way to restore gums back to a healthy state with less discomfort, pain, swelling and bleeding than traditional treatment options. By maintaining good oral hygiene and by continuing to see your Mississauga, ON dentist every six months for routine dental exams, laser treatment can be an effective way to treat gum disease.

Ready to combat gum disease once and for all, or want to say goodbye to your gummy smile? Then it’s time to find out if laser treatment is right for you. Call Woodlands Dental Centre today to schedule a consultation.

Why Teeth Whitening is Right for You

Find out how professional teeth whitening could give you a more radiant smile.

Spring is just around the corner. While thoughts might be turning to spring-cleaning, maybe you should also consider giving yourTeeth Whitening smile a little boost, as well. If your smile is starting to look dull and lifeless, it might be time to turn that around with professional teeth whitening.

What does professional in-office teeth whitening entail?

If you’ve never had in-office whitening, you are in for a treat. Never has it been easier to get a whiter smile in under an hour. When you come in for teeth whitening, your Mississauga, ON dentist will apply a highly concentrated bleaching gel over your teeth. This gel is much stronger than products you find in your local drugstore and can only be used by a medical professional.

Once the whitening gel has been applied, we will use a specialized dental laser to activate the gel. After 15 minutes, we will remove the gel, apply a fresh, new layer and then activate it once more. One in-office whitening session usually involves three, 15-minute whitening applications. We can get some smiles up to 10 shades whiter in only 45 minutes.

Is professional teeth whitening right for my smile?

Are you dealing with dull, yellowing stains caused by food, drinks or just normal aging? If so, professional teeth whitening is a great way to liven up your smile. Our whitening system is most effective at treating yellow stains.

While in-office whitening can remove external stains, there are still some stains that our gel can’t remove. Internal stains, which are often blue or grey, won’t respond to surface whitening. These stains require another cosmetic treatment, such as dental veneers, to hide them.

Heavy stains caused by smoke may require multiple sessions to get the results you want. However, your Mississauga, ON dentist would be happy to talk to you about your whitening options.

Is in-office whitening really different from commercial whitening products?

Commercial whitening products like toothpastes, rinses and strips don’t offer the same instant and visible results that patients are looking for. These products can subtly whiten your teeth, but they have also been found to weaken tooth enamel in some cases, and none offer the same powerful, fast results as professional whitening.

If you want to get a whiter smile for a big event, wedding or job interview, then in-office teeth whitening in Mississauga, ON is the best option! It’s time to schedule your whitening session with your dentist at Woodlands Dental Centre.

Call to schedule an appointment today!

Dental Implants – The Permanent Choice

Are you tired of hiding your smile so that people don’t see your missing or damaged teeth? Are you tired of constantly dealing with dentures that slip, slide and that can be forgotten at home? If so, it’s time for a beautiful and practical smile solution you’ll be proud to show off – dental implants from Woodlands Dental Centre in Mississauga, ON.

Dental implants from your dentist in Mississauga, ON are a practical, convenient and attractive option for a beautiful smile. ConsistingDental Implants of two parts – a titanium screw and a tooth-colored crown – dental implants are strong, durable and natural looking. You don’t have to worry about they slipping or falling out, and they don’t require any special care. Instead, they look and function just like your original teeth. Not only will others not be able to tell the difference, but it won’t be long before you forget that your teeth are actually implants as well!

Once you see how amazing you look with your newly restored smile, you won’t want to ever lose it again. Why take your teeth out every night to place them in a jar? Keep your new teeth where they belong – in your mouth. Not only is this the more sanitary option, but it’s a much more practical option as well. Never risk losing or forgetting your teeth again; you’ll always have them right with you.

While a dental bridge from a Woodlands Dental Centre dentist in Mississauga, ON can also give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile as well, the problem with dental bridges is that they aren’t permanent. They only last for approximately five to ten years before you have to have them replaced. Dentures can be long-lasting – until you lose, forget or break them, that is. Don’t risk your smile with a solution that isn’t permanent.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are the permanent solution for a beautiful smile. While you may have to have them adjusted occasionally as you age and your mouth gradually changes size and shape, as long as you take good care of your dental implants, you can plan on keeping them forever.

If you’re ready to finally achieve that beautiful and unforgettable smile once and for all, call a dentist in Mississauga, ON for a permanent smile today. Call Woodlands Dental Centre and make an appointment with Drs. Bindu and Shibu Chemmanam for dental implants. You’ll be glad you did!