Dental Emergency Mississauga Tips

What to do when Dental Emergency Occur?

Accidents are unforeseen, yet, tracking oneself back to normal after accidents is the best of wits. Like any other body part, our tooth also suffers accidents and that calls for a dental emergency. We at Woodlands Dental Centre form a group of the emergency dentist in Mississauga. And we are dedicated to taking proper care of yours when the time is very critical. Our special team is only dedicated to taking up cases related to dental emergencies only that can happen at any odd time on any particular day! From weekends to holidays, our emergency dental care is open 24/7.

However, at the time of dental emergency, before you can visit a doctor, follow these steps at home:

  • If you suffer a knocked out teeth, keep the teeth moist. Place in between your gum and teeth or place in a bowl of cold milk. Do not touch the root of teeth for any reason. Rush to the doctor thereafter.
  • If there is a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with the warm area and clean the surface. Apply cold compress in your face to prevent swelling.
  • If you have bitten lip and tongue, clean your mouth with cold water first and apply cold compress on your face.
  • If there is a severe toothache, rinse the mouth with warm water and clean it out. Use dental floss to clean your teeth from any substances caught between two teeth and finally wash with water again. Do not apply aspirin over your teeth by any reason.
  • For objects lodged between two teeth, remove them by flossing and not by using any sharp objects.

Dentists say a knocked out tooth can be placed back to its normal position if treated within 4-5 hours of the accident. So, make it sure, whenever there is a dental emergency, take aids first at home and then rush to your dentist the earliest time possible.

Remember toothache is not a dental emergency unless it starts bleeding. Here are a few ways by which you can avoid a dental emergency.

  • Use mouth guards when participating in sports
  • Abstain from chewing ice, hard candies, popcorn kernels etc
  • Never use your tooth to cut things.

At Woodlands Dental Centre offers extra care and precision while offering emergency dental care treatment. Emergency Dentist in Mississauga – Woodland Dental Centre is always at your service. Do not peek at the clock, just rush to our clinic at the time of dental emergency.