Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal or Endodontic treatment is purely a necessary procedure rather than a cosmetic one. When a nerve or the pulp of a tooth is infected, decayed or dead, it is cleaned or removed through a root canal treatment.

The affected tooth may be replaced depending on how much the outer exposed area of the tooth is affected. In case most of it has survived, only bonding will be used to fill the gaps and spaces. In case a major part of the tooth is affected, then a crown will be used to cover and act as a natural tooth.

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Should You Extract the Tooth Rather than Going for a Root Canal?

Many patients have interrogated on why can’t they just have their tooth removed instead of going through a root canal therapy. A missing tooth won’t just affect your chewing and eating behavior, but will also de-line the neighboring teeth and cause gum and jaw problems. Root Canal Treatments focus on saving the healthy part of the tooth and remove only the infected area. Only in case of major decays, implants will be fixed to restore back your natural looking teeth.

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