Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace teeth which has fully been decayed or removed. Only rootless areas can be implanted on as the whole teeth is being replaced and not just a part of it. Dental Implants are permanent alternatives to dentures. They are implanted or fixed on your jaw bone to give you a strong and firm grip, similar to natural teeth.

Pure titanium when attached to a living bone, undergoes a process called Osseo integration, where in after a few weeks, the titanium adopts and behaves like a natural bone once the tissue is naturally formed around it. This process is used in dental treatments from the past two decades now, and has shown great results.

Restore Your Natural Smile and Oral Set by Contacting us Today! Restore Your Natural Smile and Oral Set by Contacting us Today!

How Dental Implants Work?

  • The area to be operated on will be cleared and cleaned well.
  • A pure titanium screw will be fixed in your jaw bone, forming a strong post
  • The screw will be closed and left for a few weeks to undergo Osseo integration
  • Once ready, a crown or a bridge, in case of multiple adjacent teeth will be fixed over it
  • You will have a natural looking, firm and strong tooth or teeth again.
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