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Woodlands Dental Centre is a state of the art dental clinic in Mississauga, well equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. We have a team of talented dentists who can help you deal with your dental problems easily. We provide a variety of services which can add a shine to your smile and help make both your life and your smile that much brighter. We are available as emergency dentist Mississauga and our dental clinic Mississauga provides multiple services. Here are a few of our most sought after services:

Initial Oral Examination

We don’t delve into complex procedures at Woodlands Dental Centre as soon as you walk in. We, as dentist in Mississauga understand the importance of maintaining your teeth. We conduct a thorough initial oral examination aiming to decipher what the cause of your dental problem is. We start with visual examination, periodontal probing, and charting. X-rays including panoramic x-ray and bite wing x- rays are taken to check the anterior and posterior teeth condition and locate proximal decay of posterior teeth. They can help us to ensure that we are giving the best care for your teeth. As emergency dentist Mississauga, we can help you out.

Root Canal Therapy

Has your tooth been damaged? Are you looking to remove the infected part? Then you should opt for the root canal procedure performed in our dental office by dentist in Mississauga. We remove the infected part of your pulp and make sure your teeth is healthy after the procedure. With top notch equipment, sedation dentistry and other forms of advanced technology, we help you to relax and simplify the root canal therapy procedure.

Dental Implants

At Woodlands dental clinic in Mississauga, we also perform dental implants. A dental implant is a synthetic structure that is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum to support the mounting of dental prosthesis like bridge, denture, crown etc. Dental implants in Mississauga can help you enhance your smile and make your mouth seem whole. We, dentist in Mississauga, can help you get rid of all your insecurities relating to your mouth by making your teeth better with dental implants Mississauga.


Bonding is the easiest and cheap form of cosmetic dentistry Mississauga. Dentist in Mississauga provide services where in composite resins are applied to the tooth surface and polished to give a sparkling smile. Bonding is helpful in improving the appearance of your teeth and making them look brighter and more beautiful. It can also be helpful in reforming chipped and broken teeth. They can help you enhance your smile easily and as a cheap cosmetic dentistry procedure in Mississauga.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are artificial dental restorations that caps or mounts on dental implants Mississauga. It restores the gap of missing teeth to restore your smile and help you chew better and improve your bite. The crown is usually made of prosthetics and can enable you to maintain the natural look of your teeth. It helps you improve your teeth’s functionality without compromising on the look of your teeth. It is a procedure highly recommended by Dentist in Mississauga

Teeth Whitening

If your confidence lowers every time you smile, and someone points out your stained teeth, then teeth whitening by dentist in Mississauga is the solution for you. Teeth whitening is an effective methodology to whiten stained tooth and improve smile. The process is ideal for people with unhealthy and unrestored tooth and gum.

Dental Braces

Six Month Smiles-Braces For Adults (straight teeth, less time, clear braces)

Six month smiles are short term dental braces for adults focusing on straightening of their teeth. This dental procedure provides predictable short term results and straighten teeth over a 6 month period for average cases.


Invisalign is an invisible aligner that gives beautiful, straight, and aligned teeth. They are a virtually invisible way to improve smile and are a great alternative to braces. They can give you the results you are looking for without making a visible difference in the way your smile will look during the procedure.

Dental Emergencies

Are you in dental pain? Do You Need An Emergency Dentist Mississauga, ON? Dental Emergencies are painful conditions arising out of broken or cracked teeth due to accident or injury. Patients with dental emergencies are treated immediately at any time during the day or night. We have talented dentist and helpful staff which can help you recieve the best care during an emergency in Mississauga.Contact 905-270-5666 to book an appointment now! 

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