November 22, 2016
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If you have a deep cavity or a cracked tooth, chances are you might need a root canal therapy. This therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. Millions of smiles are saved and treated every year with this method. Instead of removing the whole tooth, the tooth is re-structured and healed.

What is Tooth Pulp?

It is an area in a tooth chamber. This area is also called as the pulp chamber. This area does not affect the day to day function of the tooth. In severe cases of tooth decay, this chamber gets infected. 

When the pulp is damaged, the bacteria start to multiply in the chamber. This cause a drainage chamber and a puss filled pocket that is formed at the ends of the tooth roots. This infection may also cause:

· Swelling in the areas of the face, neck, or head
· Bone loss at or around the root tip

Treatment of Root Canal at our Family Dentistry in Mississauga

This therapy requires more visits to the dentist. There are many steps that may occur during your visits to the office:

• X-ray: The x-ray of the tooth is taken to determine the area of the decay.
• Anesthesia: Though, anesthesia may not be necessary since the nerve is dead but is still given to numb the area around the tooth. This   also put the patient in ease and relaxation.
• Pulpectomy: A bigger hole is made to remove the decayed pulp.
• Filling: The opened area is then filled with gutta-percha material and sealed with cement.

Contrary to popular belief, this procedure is not more painful than a filling. 

After care 

Our dentists at our Dentistry in Mississauga suggest various methods to improve the lifetime of a tooth. Here are ways to take care of your tooth after your root canal therapy at Woodland Dental Centre in Mississauga:

• Avoid chewing hard food:  Avoid chewing on hard food like ice, walnut etc. It might break the filling.
• Follow health oral regime. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss it regularly.
• Visit Woodland Dental Centre, your dentistry in Mississauga regularly

November 18, 2016
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When you are a kid parents will take care of your overall health, including dental care. With time people will become busy in their daily life and it becomes very rare to think about oral hygiene.  This doesn’t mean you will not be brushing the teeth on a daily basis. You will brush teeth but won’t take much care on dental areas. 

In today’s life fast food and aerated or carbonated drinks have started influencing our life in such a way that many are finding it difficult to avoid it even for a day. With continuous consumption of all these the teeth starts decaying at the early stage itself. Most of the kids have the habit of eating lot of chocolates in the young stages. If you check the teeth of such kids then can see the extent of teeth decay. In some teeth will be partially torn out, and in certain others teeth will be fully gone. The saying “prevention is better than cure’ is applicable here. Still there are situations where we have to visit a dentist or dental clinic for problems like teeth decay.

Teeth decay occurs when plaque starts accumulating in certain parts of the dental region. Plaque, to define, is a colourless and sticky substance that creates a favourable environment for bacteria to grow. When bacteria stars growing in the region there will be gum irritation, corrosion of teeth, erosion of dental enamel, infection in the roots etc.

Plaque also causes teeth bleeding and destruction of nerves and tissues. Periodontal disease is one of the advanced dental diseases. But you don’t have to worry. All these dental problems have effective medical treatments. It is better to consult with a dentist in the early stage itself for getting a complete cure. 

You can protect your teeth by following a healthy diet and good oral hygiene. Today onwards make sure you are taking care of dental health in an effective way and thereby the complete body health.

September 27, 2016
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Periodontitis – all you need to know!

Periodontitis is a prolong, untreated periodontal condition like gingivitis - just that periodontitis has a more significant impact on the teeth, making them loose making them detach from the socket at a very rapid rate. Periodontitis is an inflammation of periodontium: the tissues, ligaments and bones surrounding the teeth, which prompts rapid and painless damaging of the periodontium. If it is left untreated for quite a while, the severity may lead to complexities, for example, myocardial infection, stroke, atheroscelerosis, renal failure with even severe conditions for those suffering from diabetes and coronary ailments.

At Woodlands Dental Centre, our dentists in Mississauga offer full range periodontics treatment and this post goes in alignment to acknowledge you on the various types of periodontitis. Let’s discuss on two types of periodontitis – Aggressive & Chronic.

Chronic Periodontitis:

Chronic periodontitis refers to rapid tooth loss in adults. Poor glycemic control or fluctuating sugar levels trigger early and remarkable onset of periodontitis in grown-ups. Thus, periodontitis aggravates the glycemic control of the body, making it harder for a diabetic patient to recuperate from diabetes or to carry on with a balanced lifestyle. Periodontitis can also be used to detect diabetes and identify cancer cell formation.

Chronic periodontitis is easy to treat and maintain than aggressive periodontitis. Here are 4 steps to disinfect and recover the damages made from periodontitis.

Full mouth disinfection:

Scaling and root planning is done to remove and clean the accumulated plaque of teeth and gum.

Open Flap Debridement:

It is more sophisticated and effective approach where surgical intervention leads to better cleaning of deeper pockets where periodontitis has spread.

Guided Tissue Regeneration:

It is more effective and expensive than open flap debridement however the results outweigh cost. GTR paves way for stable implants on the gums that have been severely affected by periodontitis.

Enamel Matrix Derivative:

It is quite similar to GTR with only difference being at their ability to loosen the pocket depth.

Aggressive Periodontitis:

Aggressive Periodontitis is like Chronic Periodontitis in some ways, however the former leads to rapid bone destruction and toot attachment. It afflicts more of a younger group of people and uses the same medications said above, just with a higher possibility of undergoing surgical debridement with strong antibiotics.

To sum up, periodontists or dentists in Mississauga start the clearing procedure by scratching off the plaque and combined analytics of the enamel and the below gum line. Severe dental visits may follow as scaling and debridement might be required to remove the plaque and tartar accumulated on teeth. By utilizing anti-toxins like amoxicillin or metronidazole, the regenerative procedure gets easy.

Prevention of periodontitis start with daily oral hygiene and regular dental visit. Visit your dentists in Mississauga at Woodlands Dental Centre and stay away from periodontitis.

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July 21, 2016
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Do you feel shy to smile in public? Is it highly painful for you to have a bite of that delicious chicken? Worry Not! Dental Implants are here to bring back your smile and bite! Dental Implants are artificial root of tooth that is placed on the missing tooth area to hold a bridge or replacement tooth. It enhances aesthetic value, speech and chewing ability of a person with missing tooth. But make sure you have your implants done from the best dentist in Mississauga.

Dental Implants have its own share of advantages. Because they infuse with gum completely, they offer more stability and support to your eating ability. They do not shift inside mouth giving more support to speech and eating. The secured fitting of dental implants helps dentures and bridges feel more natural than conventional bridges and dentures.

However not everybody is a candidate for dental implant. Only if you have healthy gum and that if you promise to take proper care of your implants through proper hygiene – you are most eligible for an implant. Proper oral hygiene and regular dentist visits are critical to the long term success of implants. Also people with chronic ailments like diabetes, cardiac diseases and those who take radiations for cancer should be evaluated individually for the eligibility of such treatments.

The success rate for such treatments seem to vary depending on the quality of the jaw and the age of the person, however, dental implants have gone to record 98% success rate till date.

Local anaesthesia is used during surgery and hence, people have no realization on the surgery being taken off. People undergone dental implants reported to have minor discomfort which healed away fast. After the surgery, mild soreness can happen which can be treated away easily with medicines like Motrin and Tylenol.

With regular twice a day brushing, flossing and rinsing tooth with mouthwash, you can expect to have your implants going strong and healthy for long.

Welcome to woodlands Dental Centre – place to the most passionate and experienced dentist in Mississauga. The clinic has put smile on many faces with successful dental implants and other dental treatments. The dentists here do not only treat patients but educate them on various dental issues and ways to take care too!

Should to need dental implant for you or any one in your family in Mississauga then visit to take appointment rightaway.

July 19, 2016
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What to do when Dental Emergency Occur? 

Accidents are unforeseen, yet, tracking oneself back to normal after accidents is the best of wits. Like any other body part, our tooth also suffers accidents and that calls for a dental emergency. We at Woodlands Dental Centre form a group of emergency dentist in Mississauga. And we are dedicated to take proper care of yours when time is very critical. Our special team is only dedicated to take up cases related to dental emergencies only that can happen at any odd time at any particular day! From weekends to holidays, our emergency dental care is open 24/7.

However, at the time of dental emergency, before you can visit doctor, follow these steps at home:

·      If you suffer a knocked out teeth, keep the teeth moist. Place in between your gum and teeth or place in a bowl of cold milk. Do not touch the root of teeth by any reason. Rush to the doctor thereafter.

·      If there is a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with warm area and clean the surface. Apply cold compress in your face to prevent swelling.

·      If you have bitten lip and tongue, clean your mouth with cold water first and apply cold compress on your face.

·      If there is severe tooth ache, rinse mouth with warm water and clean it out. Use dental floss to clean your teeth from any substances caught between two teeth and finally wash with water again. Do not apply aspirin over your teeth by any reason.

·      For objects lodged between two teeth, remove them by flossing and not by using any sharp objects.

Dentists say a knocked out tooth can be placed back to its normal position if treated within 4-5 hours of accident. So, make it sure, whenever there is a dental emergency, take aids first at home and then rush to your dentist the earliest time possible.

Remember tooth ache is not a dental emergency unless it starts bleeding. Here are few ways by which you can avoid dental emergency.

·      Use mouth guards when participating in sports

·      Abstain from chewing ice, hard candies, popcorn kernels etc

·      Never use your tooth to cut things.

At Woodlands Dental Centre offers extra care and precision while offering an emergency dental care treatment. Emergency Dentist in Mississauga – Woodland Dental Centre is always at your service. Do not peek at the clock, just rush to our clinic at the time of dental emergency. 


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